Paradise Circus

July 28, 2010

It’s getting really dark here. It has rained off and on for the past day, but now the clouds are gathering. Eek! Time to get this blog post done just in case I lose the hydro.

I am now at the halfway point in SNW physically. Whether the story itself is at the half-way point… well, I doubt it. I introduced a major plot point about 30 pages back, and that has fuelled my writing and the action in the story. But now I’m back to a plateau where I’m trying to get myself towards another plot point but have all this dialogue and interaction to get through beforehand.

It’s a little annoying. I’m raring to move on, and ordinarily I would just ignore the unwritten stuff and get right to the good stuff. But I want this to be my last draft of SNW, and I know that once I get to the revising, I’m not going to want to write the left-out scenes. Silly me.

Maybe I will move forward. But I have some questions for Liz to ask one of her sisters, and I think that is just as important as going to the garage with James. Tomorrow, I’ll see how I’m feeling about either scene and go from there.

Yes, James, my hidden gem of a man whom I couldn’t understand one bit. His tarot reading flopped, leaving me in confusion. (I don’t think I even told you about this.) The same circumstance happened to Edward, my other main male character, and I was left scrambling mid-writing for ways to learn about their personalities, how they would react, even how they would talk.

I did do character outlines for them from Critique Circle, from which I pilfered their templates (hehehe). In some ways that helped me quite a lot, but if I have to figure out what their favourite foods or colours are, I would go crazy. Solution?

You’ll probably say that this isn’t the best way to go. In some ways it’s not a good idea because my characters’ reactions may be based off of someone else. But this solution has gotten me so much farther forward, so I’m going to use it for now.

Character models, or visual models. Awhile ago, I had found models for the five sisters:

RoseRose, or Kristen Bell

LizLiz, or Lizzy Caplan (alt: Emily Blunt)

MonaMona, or Claire Foy

EmmaEmma, or Taylor Momsen (alt: Dakota Fanning)

AlexAlex, or Kristen Stewart

I am a highly visual person, so using these models has enabled me to focus on the characters more clearly. I had trouble finding models for James and Edward, but then True Blood introduced Alcide, finally, and I found a model for Edward.

EdwardEdward, or Joe Manganiello

Then for James, luck struck!

JamesJames, or Jared Leto

I was checking out Alexander for my mother and I happened to forward to a scene that Jared shared with Colin Farrell. His eyes were just so beautiful in that scene, so I decided James must be a brunette with blue eyes.

Everything seemed to fall into place after that. James’ interactions with Liz became more feasible to me, because I could picture how he would look making a certain expression, even though I haven’t seen the real man do many expressions because I didn’t watch the movie. But it didn’t matter. And now James rocks my socks.

I confess I already have character models for characters that haven’t even been introduced yet. I don’t even know how these characters will be introduced, or whether I’ll even introduce them. If I decide to write another book in Liz’s world after this one, then maybe I’ll take those characters out to play. Or maybe I’ll introduce one of the characters (who is a vampire) late in SNW. I won’t know until I get there.

During writing today, I was struck double-time by just how much my book resembles Twilight. I’m not saying it’s a paranormal romance. In fact, I’m trying to keep romance out of it almost altogether, with just enough teasing of the readers with hints of love. I do know who is going to be with whom, but that is not relevant for me now.

But, as you may have noticed above, Edward and James both have names coming from Twilight. I didn’t do that on purpose, I swear. I liked the name Edward from the character in the Anita Blake books by Laurell K Hamilton, and now that I’ve used it for so long, it just seems like the right name for my character. And James, well I named him back when I had no idea what to do with him, back when I introduced him in the story late, during the first draft. And of course, the name has stuck again.

Then I realized while writing a scene today that James having a Volvo like Edward Cullen having a Volvo is just too close to comfort. I’m considering changing that Volvo into a BMW, or some other fancy German automobile, but then I’d have to change the car that Liz and her parents were in the night the accident claimed her parents. Then I’d be wrecking a BMW, and I kinda cringe at that idea since Beemers are one of my fav expensive cars. Oh well. It’s either that or Edward Cullen. Ick.

Huh. The dark clouds have become less dark. Well, it’s almost supper time. Need food…

Music: “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack, featured on True Blood S3 E4. Great song.

Reading: Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy (for school), Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, and Broken by Kelley Armstrong.

Watching: True Blood S1 and 3, some of Ashes to Ashes S3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and going to watch Tess of the d’Urbervilles at some point this week.

Links: Critique Circle under tools.



  1. I just got really happy you used a Massive Attack song as the title. Have you heard any of the Paradise Circus remixes? They’re fab.

    *does not care you made this post months ago*

    • I actually haven’t heard any of the remixes, but I’ll try and find them. Thanks 😉

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